Can the US Handle Military Budget Cuts?

If Congress can't agree on a new budget that makes significant cuts, then automatic across-the-board cuts (also known as "sequestration") is scheduled to happen. Apparently, some people think that the US's military budget being almost as large as all of the military budgets of the rest of the world combined is large enough and some cuts would merely cut the waste in the government.

Jon Basil Utley of The American Conservative wrote an editorial about how such cuts would be extremely beneficial for the military.

The cuts to the Pentagon budget will be only 7% or some $40+ billion, not the $500 billion they bandy about! Anyone who confuses the (unlikely) ten year cut with next year’s cut is just promoting lies. A good example is the Wall Street Journal editorial, “The Coming Defense Crackup,” warning that the cuts would create the smallest navy since 1914. It intentionally confuses next year’s cut with the consequences of 10 year cuts.

Should Congress pass military budget cuts or should we be grateful that most politicians consider the military to be the most popular way to provide government jobs programs without sounding like bleeding-heart, big-government liberals?

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