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Considering Grad School? Good Move.

Army's Broadening Opportunity Program Offers Education and Travel Opportunities

  • The Army New Service recently released information about the fellowships and scholarships available for 2014 under the Army's Broadening Opportunity Program. These opportunities provide interesting civilian education opportunities, according Program Manager Joel Strout, and may also offer interesting travel and the benefit for candidates to bring family members with them. Applications are due soon -- February 28!

    Four scholarships and fellowships are being offered as part of the program:

    The General Wayne A. Downing Scholarship

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Rejected By Your Top-Choice College? What to Do!

  • Not getting in to the school of your choice can be upsetting -- especially if you've spent months working on applications and making sure you had the credentials required to get in. It's important to keep in mind that college admissions is very competitive, and students should not take rejections personally. Even if you met all minimum admissions requirements for your top-choice college or university, this is no guarantee of admission. Schools look at teach student as a whole, not just a set of test scores, so the admissions decision ultimately contains some degree of subjectivity.

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Finding Hidden Sources of College Funding - From the Army and Beyond

  • As you look at the many options available to pay for college, funding from the U.S. Army is likely a top priority. But money for college from the Army may not cover all of your tuition and expenses (depending on what you are eligible for) and many service members and veterans may also qualify for other sources of funding. In addition, it's important to look beyond the standard Federal loans, grants, and work-study options to get the full picture of funding that may be available to you.

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With More Vets Returning Home, How Are Colleges Preparing?

  • The U.S. government estimates that more than one million veterans will return home over the next five years, and with their homecoming comes a huge responsibility to ensure their successful transition back to civilian life. For many veterans, this will include a return to higher education. But how can veterans best prepare for a return to college? And how are colleges preparing to serve those who have served their country?

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