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Army Taking Advantage of Cloud Technology for Online Learning

  • Cloud-based solutions are now helping Army learning institutions provide more flexible, accessible course materials to students on mobile devices and at home.

    While much Army information requires stringent cybersecurity, the military is loosening its grip on security around course materials to improve access and hopefully enhance learning. The first school to implement a cloud-based solution, the Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, has transferred non-sensitive course materials from a .mil domain to a .com cloud-based domain.

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Summer School Helps Army Personnel Stay on Track

  • Summer is just around the corner, and many college students will take this time to earn college credit through summer courses -- either online college courses or on campus courses. Taking classes over the summer can help Army personnel make up time for credits they had to forego during the academic year, for personal reasons, deployment, training, or other assignments. Even better, using summer school courses to make up credits can help service members stay on track toward earning their college degree.

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Jill Biden Promotes New GI Bill Comparison Tool

  • Jill Biden has been on the media circuit to promote the new Post 9/11 GI Bill Comparison Tool -- an online service launched in February by the Department of Veteran's Affairs. The Second Lady has given numerous interviews to boast the tool's user-friendly features, which allow service members to estimate tuition and fees, book stipends, and housing allowances for each school that they are interested in applying to.

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Massachusetts Bill Expands Services for Vets

  • A new bill recently passed in Massachusetts promises to expand services and educational opportunities for military personnel, as well as veterans and their families. Property tax relief along with with employment, education, and health care support services are among the provisions of Valor Act II -- building on the state's existing laws to support military families.

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Proposed Ohio Bill Promises Vets College Credit for Military Experience

  • A bill that recently passed with flying colors in the Ohio House would guarantee veterans college credit for their military experience.

    Now headed to the Ohio Senate, the proposed legislation would standardize awarding of college credit for military experience across all publicly funded colleges as well as state organizations issuing certifications and licenses for professional vocations. The legislation follows on the heels of the 26 other states that have passed similar legislation in response to reports of high post 9/11 veteran unemployment rates.

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