Why Haven't I Received My GI Bill Money Yet?

Q: I've yet to receive any information about why I haven't got my money for school. I attend Macon Tech in Macon Georgia, and I think I did everything right as far as submitting my info for my GI Bill. Could you guys please let me know if you have any information on me or whether I'm eligible. This makes my second quarter in and I need the money for school.

A:  First, just so you know, we are not the VA or affiliated with the VA, so I don’t have the means to look up your information. There are a couple of ways you could have applied for school. The first one would have been to go to the VONAPP website and submit VA Form 22-1990, either electronically or by downloading the form and sending it in according to the instruction on the form.

Once your application was approved, you would have gotten back a Certificate of Eligibility that you would have needed when you enrolled in school. Once enrolled, then your school submits a Certificate of Enrollment. In 8 to 10 weeks you should have seen your first GI Bill payment. If you are in your second quarter, you should have seen some money by now.

The other way, you could have went to your school Certifying Official right away and that person could have advised you if were eligible to use your GI Bill and if so, certified you.  

The issue may be the GI Bill you are trying to use verses the program you are trying to take at school. I can’t tell by your question which GI Bill you have, but you can’t use the Post 9/11 GI Bill for a non-degree program, which are most tech school programs. The Montgomery GI Bill would be a better choice for this type of program.

I suggest you see your school VA Certifying Official and see if he/she can figure out why you are not getting paid.

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