University of Phoenix Back in Good Graces with the DoD and Military Tuition Assistance

Three months after suspending the for-profit University of Phoenix from military tuition assistance programs and banning the university from recruiting on military bases, the Pentagon has removed the school from probation. While the move is a key win for the University of Phoenix--which is struggling with dropping enrollment--scrutiny by the Department of Defense (DoD) continues.

The university was placed on notice by the Pentagon in October after an investigation revealed it had paid the military for exclusive access to military bases and improperly used military logos. Since addressing the DoD's charges, according to the filings the university's parent corporation made the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Pentagon will continue to strictly monitor the school's activities at least through 2017.

In a statement made available to media outlets, University of Phoenix President Timothy P. Slottow said, "Our commitment to compliance, transparency, and continuous improvement remains constant, and we are grateful to leaders at the Department of Defense and in Congress for supporting a clear process and high standards from all educational institutions, and for ensuring military students are able to use their educational benefits for career-relevant programs at University of Phoenix."

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