Is There Any Way I Can Go Back and Use My Army College Fund?

Q: I joined the Army in 1992, and signed on to receive the Army College Fund and the MGIB. I never received the ACF ("Kicker") offered to me. Is there any way that I can still receive some kind of financial aid from the Army College Fund since I am a veteran? I want to go back to school for a Masters Degree, but I am not sure if I can still have help from the military or the Army College Fund. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A: First, your Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) has to still be valid as you can't use the Army College Fund (ACF) alone. You said you joined in 1992, but you didn’t say when you got out. If you are beyond 10 years from your discharge date, it won’t make a difference, because your MGIB will have expired.

However, if your MGIB is still valid, then you would need to produce a copy of your DA Form 3286-66 which should have been part of your enlistment packet. If the form was never done, then you probably never had the ACF.

And it could have been that you did not meet one of the many qualification factors. Also, did the recruiter say you were qualified for and actually offered you the ACF, or did he/she mention it as a possible option? If you met the qualifications and were actually offered it, then you should have the form in your enlistment packet.

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