Is It Possible to Use My Unspent Father's GI Bill for My Tuition?

Q: Hello, my father served for the Army, and apparently never collected on his G.I. Bill. He passed away late 2001, and I am starting up in college, I have heard it is possible to use his unspent G.I. Bill on my college tuition, but I wanted to make sure of this. If not, are there any benefits that I am eligible for because of this?

A: No, whoever told you that was wrong and here is why. Back when your father was in the Army, he would have had the Montgomery GI Bill. The problem with that GI Bill is it never had a transfer to dependents option. In certain cases, it could be transferred to a spouse, but dependent children were never an option.

Now if your father was rated by the VA as 100% totally and permanently disabled, then you may qualify for the Survivors’ and Dependents’ Education Assistance Program. If eligible, it would provide you with up to 45 months of education benefits that you could use to go to school.

If you are not eligible because your father was not rated by the VA as 100% disabled, then you would not be eligible for any benefits from the VA.

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