If Something Happens to Me While Serving in the Army, Are My Husband and Children Taken Care Of?

Q: If something happens to me in the Army and I have a husband and kids, what will happen to them? Do they get any service or help if something happens to me? A: There are many Army benefits available from Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense, along with the Social Security Administration. For example, if you are killed or die from a service-connected disability, your dependent children and spouse get from the VA:

  • up to 45 months each of education benefits
  • a Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) currently at $1,154 per month for your spouse and between $488 per month for one child, up to a maximum of nine children paid at $217.16 per month per child
  • payment of the Servicemember Group Life Insurance policy
  • a monthly transition payment of $250 per month for two years
  • various counseling services

From the Department of Defense, your spouse gets paid a non-taxable $100,000 death gratuity along with other Army benefits such as:

  • care, transportation, and internment of your remains
  • transportation of your family to the internment site
  • pay and allowances disbursement
  • casualty assistance

The Social Security Administration pays a monthly benefit to your surviving spouse and each dependent child under the age of 18. In addition to the ones listed here, there are several other tangible and non-tangible Army benefits too numerous to mention in this blog post.

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millitary marrage

If im engaged to someone in the millitary, is there any way they can get me and i can live with them and get married on base?

If I'm Engaged, Can I Live and Get Married on Base?

You need a military or dependent ID to get on a military base, if you are going to live there.  Your ID is checked everytime you enter through a gate. You won't be able to get an ID unless you are married to a soldier or work on base.

If you want to visit for a short time, you will have to stop at the gate office and first get a Visitors Pass before going through the gate.

You can get married in a Base Chapel by a Chaplian.



This is so confusing (Active v Reserves etc)

My father served in the Army since the mid 70's as both Active and Reservist. He retired out shortly after being diagnosed with a rare cancer the in the late 90s. We buried him in 1999, with a full military service burial. He also served as a DOD police officer at a base.
I tried to claim education benefits for myself and was denied (as I was told by my college contact). I am trying to figure out if my younger brother is eligible for anything or if there is any insurance that my mom can claim as she is recouping from a stroke.
Anyone who can point me in a direction would be my favorite person in the world!

Death Benifits

I am a veteran with 8yrs active service. Four in the Army and four in the CG along with 2yrs inactive reserve. I have terminal cancer. Can my wife request a military burial or at the least a flag and gun salute? How do I go about getting that information?
Thank you