With a General Discharge, Which GI Bill Benefits Will I Keep?

Q: I will be receiving a general discharge for pattern of misconduct. I served 5 yr. active, 2 deployments and have disability claims. What benefits will I keep especially GI Bill?

A: I can’t talk to all your benefits, but I can from my specialty, which is education. With a general discharge, you will not be able to use your GI Bill education entitlement. However, you do have an avenue of appeal.

If you don’t think your discharge rating was fair, and you can prove so, you can try to get your discharge upgraded to honorable through your branch of service’s Discharge Review Board. If you are still within 15 years of your discharge date, you can start the process by filling out DD Form 293. If you are over the 15-year mark, then you will need to go through the Board of Corrections to Military Records. That process starts with filling out DD Form 149. It can take up to 6 months to get a decision back and there isn’t any guarantee, but at least it is an appeal process.

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