Do My Benefits End On the Day or Will I Get Paid to the End of the Semester?

Q:I'm currently enrolled in a few online classes. My benefits expire in the middle of March. A few of my classes goes out into April/May time frame, will my benefits cease on that particular date that my benefits are to end or does it cut off after my last class for the semester? I want to make sure I'm financially prepared.

A: It really depends on which GI Bill you are using and what you mean by “expire". If by expire you mean you have reached your 10-years-since-discharge limit on your Montgomery GI Bill, then your benefits will end on that date. But, if you are talking about using up the last of your Montgomery GI Bill entitllement, then the VA will keep paying you until the end of that term.

If you are using the Post 9/11 GI Bill and run out of benefits, they will end on the day they run out instead of continuing to the end of the term. Both are different Bills, with each having  their own set of rules.

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