Can I Use My GI Bill to Take Online Classes and Still Get Paid the Same?

Q: I was just wondering if I could use my GI Bill to take online classes, and if I will be able to get reimbursed the same way.

A: It depends on which GI Bill you are talking about. The Montgomery GI Bill would pay you the same, as a full-time student, regardless if you are taking classes in a traditional classroom setting or online.

The Post 9/11 GI Bill pays differently if you are attending online verses classes on campus. While the VA will still pay your tuition and eligible fees directly to your online school and you will get the book stipend, you will not get the housing allowance. Of course, the work-around is to take one on-campus class per term, ensuring each class counts toward your degree plan. Then you will get the full housing allowance. Crazy rule, isn't it.

The reason why you need to take at least one class is because the VA needs the zip code of your brick-and-mortar school to calculate your housing allowance. If you are taking all online classes, you don't have a physical zip code they can use.

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