Can I Use My Chapter 35 Benefits to Attend a School Overseas?

Q: Hello, I'm a 21-year old son of a medically discharged veteran. I've received Chapter 35 and I’m attending a university in MN. I'm wondering whether I am able to continue receiving this benefit internationally. Soon I'll be attending a university in England (University of Bedfordshire) and I'm not sure if I'd still be eligible? Thanks for your time.

A: Chapter 35 can be used for attending a foreign school as long as the classes you are taking lead to a degree. In other words, take classes that pertain and apply to your degree plan that you have at your school in MN.

I looked up the University of Bedfordshire and they are a VA-approved school, but the only approved course they show is Sports and Physical Education. So you can use your Chapter 35 benefits, if that is your education plan. If it is something other than Sports and Physical Education, then contact the VA first to see if your program is approved at that school.

The school’s website is showing a yearly cost for international undergraduate students of £8,950 which currently converts to $14,120 USD. Under Chapter 35 you get $936 per month or $8,924 for a 9-month academic year or $11,232 for a full 12-month program.

Don't forget that you have to use your Chapter 35 benefits before attaining the age of 26. At that point, all unused benfits are lost.

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