As a BSN Nurse, What Army Rank and Enlistment Bonus Will I Get?

Q: I'm a BSN nurse. What rank will I enter the Army and what will my enlisting bonus be?

A: Because you possess a BSN, you should enter the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Officer as a Second Lieutenant. As an officer, you're typically not required to go to Basic Training. Instead, you may attend a 10- to 14-week Officer Basic Leadership Course (OBLC) at Ft. Sam Houston in Texas. There you can learn about the Army Health Care System, the Army way-of-life, and other Army benefits available to you. After OBLC, you report to your first duty assignment. Even though your basic training is different, you must still meet the height/weight and other physical requirements the same as any soldier.

As a Lieutenant, your duties may include:

  • commanding one small-size nursing shift in a Field Hospital or Medical Activity setting
  • supervising and coordinating all nursing care during your shift

As you progress to Captain, your duties and responsibilities traditionally increase. At this rank, you may be asked to:

  • command a medium-size nursing unit in a Field Hospital or installation Medical Activity (MEDDAC)
  • serve as mentor to new nurses
  • instruct nursing skills at a medical training center
  • serve as a health care advisor to other units

As an officer, one of the Army benefits you receive is an accession bonus instead of an enlistment bonus. As an AMEDD Nurse, your accession bonus should be between $20,000 to $30,000--depending on what you sign for on your enlistment contract.

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I am going to graduate with a BS in Electronics Engineering...

I am 20 years old and about to graduate from college with a BS in Electronics Engineering Technology degree.

What type of work does the army offer me?

What would my starting pay be?

Can I get rid of the loans I have from school? If so, How much can I be able to get rid of?

What would I be ranked as?

Where would I be stationed?

Would I have to go to basics and what does the training consist of?


What is the Army Like?

I can't answer every question, but my answers for the ones I could are in bold text after the question:

What type of work does the army offer me? - You can sign up for about anything you can think of. With your BS, a good choice would be either Communications or Radar. 

What would my starting pay be? It depends on what rank you come in at.

Can I get rid of the loans I have from school? If so, How much can I be able to get rid of? If you sign up for Student Loan Repayment, you can get up to $65,000 in the following loans repaid during your enlistment:

  • Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)
  • Supplemental Loans for Students (SLS)
  • Stafford Loans
  • Perkins Loans
  • William D. Ford Loans
  • Consolidated Loans

What would I be ranked as? With a BS, most likely an E-4.

Where would I be stationed? This is an unknown until you get through IADT (Basic and Advanced Training). However you will most likely get to select three options and the Army will pick where they will send you based on your three options or they can send you wherever soldiers with your specialty are needed.

Would I have to go to basics and what does the training consist of? Basic is what you make of it. If you decide that you are going there to learn new things and make life-long friends, then you will enjoy it. If you go in with the idea that you are going to hate it, then it is going to be long and hard. The Army will never ask you to do something you are not capable of doing.  Basic involves paying attention and doing what your are asked to do to the best of your ability.  It involves a lot of physical training, shooting various types of weapons, soldiering and surviving.

will my degree from Ghana be equivalent to American degree?

i have a bachelor degree in commerce from Ghana,will it be acceptable? if yes, where in the army do you think is best for me

RE: Ghana degree

Contact a Recruiter to see if your degree is acceptable as an equivalent US degree.

If your degree is accepted & you want to become an officer through OCS then the Army will place you in the area that they have a need for. You'll have a choice to a certain extent. In Officer Candiadte School you'll be able to make selections of jobs you'd like to have. Then they'll work off of the Order of Merit list which includes your academic score & your Physical Fitness Test score. In other word your class standing at OCS. They give the new officer first choice on jobs when they're near the top of the class.

As an enlisted person you have your choice of MOSs that are avaibale at that time. You'll know exactly which MOS you'll be trained for & that will be on your contract.

You'll also have to have the Recruiter check to be certain that your pre-college education is acceptable as a US high school diploma.

military marriage certificate

Can you please explain this to me pro's and con's. how long does it take and does it cost anything ? and if so who has to pay fee? where is the actually wedding held if any ?, for fiance on active duty in Afghan. thank you in advance for your advice

Graduated with B.A in Liberal Studies and in M.Ed program

My questions are similar to other postings, I'm interested in the Army Reserves but I would like to know my options. My questions are as follows :

Is a B.A in Lineral Studies beneficial for careers in the Army?

What type of work does the Army offer me with a B.A in Liberal Studies?

Can I get assistance to pay off loans?

What would be my rank and what does this mean?

Will I need to attend additional training after boot camp if i posses a B.A?

@ Cflores

A Recruiter can list all the benefits that a person with a bachelors degree can get by joining the Army Reserve. Benefits like loan assistance can be had. Some Reserve units also give out bonuses. That could be dependent on which job you choose. Enlistment with a bachelors gives you an immediate promotion to SPC, E-4. That's 4 steps above Private E-1 & more pay right from the start. You'll need additional training after basic called Advanced Individual Training, AIT. You'll be trained in the job that you contract for regardless what your education is. A liberal studies degree has no specific Army skills.

It's possible that you could also go in with an Officer Candidate contract. The Army isn't giving a whole lot of those contracts lately, though. If you get one, a 09S contract, you'd go to basic & then Officer Candidate School, OCS.

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Bonus should be..

Hello, You'll be trained in the job that you contract for regardless what your education is after all. ​