Best Colleges for Vets - 2017

The Ratings

The list is broken down into three different types of schools - 4-year traditional colleges, 2-year traditional colleges, and online or nontraditional schools.

To appear on the list, colleges must fill out an exhaustive 150-question survey with detailed questions that cover a wide range of issues important to veterans. These questions include information about a college's cost, obtaining college credit for prior military training/experience, tracking the progress (and success) of veteran students, support systems in place for vets, and more! Additionally, data from three federal agencies was also used.

Overall, schools this year are much more actively aware of their veteran population than they have been in years past. Many schools have people and programs in place to track a vet's academic process and have staff dedicated to reaching out to veterans who may be in academic trouble. With the larger number of veterans enlisting, many of the schools that made the cut have peer support groups for veterans to help each other with the transition to college life.

The Lists

If you're interested, here you can read more about how analyzed these schools, or you can jump straight to the lists! Here are the lists for the top 4-year schools, the top 2-year schools, and the top online and nontraditional schools.

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