Best College Apps for iPad and Android

If you're back in school after military service, any and all tools to help you manage your time and your college career are likely a welcome find. We've rounded up some of the latest and greatest college apps for iPhone and Android--and most are free or only a few dollars.
Stay in the know on the go with this top-rated RSS aggregators. Keep track of all the news sites, blogs and articles you read regularly and enjoy them in a simple, swipe-happy magazine syle layout.
Manage your to-do lists, prioritize entries, even sync lists across all your devices. does it all.

Wrote a paper on your computer and need to access it from class on your tablet? Want to share presentations and media with collaborators in class? Drop all your files in the cloud storage tool Dropbox and access them anywhere you can get an internet connection. High-tech encryption ensures security, and the intro level gives you plenty of storage to start with for free ninety-nine.

The world's largest online library, Scribd lets you search millions of articles, papers, and books across a huge range of topic areas. Create and curate collections and save notes and annotations. Any student's must-have research app.

Calling all forgetful students! This is the app for you. Enter the 411 on all your classes: time, professor, location, etc., and Studious will remind you about all your assignments before you even realize you forgot.


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