Arizona Culinary Institute Supports Soldier's Continuing Education

Soldiers are familiar with the emotions that come with a deployment. They put their lives on hold, including family, jobs and school, to serve. Some will do this multiple times in their career.

Spc. Raul Sanchez, a financial disbursing technician with the 159th Finance Detachment, has deployed three times in nine years.

Although his last deployment interrupted his studies at the Arizona Culinary Institute (ACI), it was the support from the school that allowed him to return home and quickly finish his degree.

Sanchez says ACI's veteran-friendly environment is what helped him succeed.

"ACI helped me come back from deployment and graduate within a couple months," Sanchez said. "I am now working in my chosen profession."

The Arizona Department of Veteran Services certifies the school as a veteran-supportive campus. One of the requirements to maintain this certification is to continue training through the Arizona coalition for Military Families (ACMF) on how to best understand military culture and support veteran students.

For more on this story, read the full Army press release.

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