Are You Looking for Excitement in Your Life?

Are you stuck in a job going nowhere? If you want to make a significant change in your life, think about joining the Army! If this sounds interesting, you will first have to meet these basic eligibility requirements:

If you can meet the above qualifications, you have a good start at being able to join.
There are many benefits to joining the Army. Some are tangible, others are not. One tangible benefit that is frequently asked about is pay. To better explain pay, let me show you a civilian and enlisted Army job comparison for law enforcement job.
Note that the Military Police (MP) Sergeant's pay is based on an E-5 with 4 years of service and a family of four.
Pay benefits for a Civilian Patrol Officer

  • Salary: $49,953
  • Housing: $0
  • Food allowance: $0
  • Special pay: $0
  • Tax advantage: $0
  • Health care: $13,368

Net income $36,585
Pay benefits for a Military Police Sergeant

  • Salary $29,380
  • Housing $16,164
  • Food allowance $3,900
  • Special pay $1,800
  • Tax advantage: $2,716
  • Health care: $0 (Family coverage at no cost)

Net income $53,960
While the base salary of the MP in our comparison is significantly less than that of a civilian policeman, it is easy to see how all the other extra pay benefits -- most of which are tax-free -- add up. In the end, the MP is making $17,375 per year more in net income. That means more discretionary income for the family to have a higher quality of life.
Granted, you won't make that amount right out of Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training, but if you are a sharp, smart soldier, it doesn't take long to advance through the ranks. If you already have a law enforcement college degree, you could enlist as a Specialist.
If you are thinking about joining the Army, and in particular for law enforcement, talk to a recruiter soon. The Air Force and Navy are starting to downsize, so airmen and sailor Base Police could be transferring to the Army to join as MPs under the Operation Blue to Green. This means the number of open MP positions could decline. Act now - join today and secure your future!


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Hi my mane is vincent Cruz I pass with a 68% is there a way I can just use this as to go in or nut

Talk to your recruiter - what

Talk to your recruiter - what did he say?