Aim High and Be All You Can Be

Another September 11th past this month; this one being the 10th anniversary of that terrible event none of us will ever forget. Since that day in 2001, thousands of men and women have enlisted in the Army, as well as the other sister services, as a patriotic way of helping our country prevent that attack from ever happening again. 
When asked why they joined, many say they want to be a part of something larger than themselves; others want to make a difference; still others want to learn a career, get the education benefits of the GI Bill or earn a paycheck. Their reasons for joining are as varied as the people themselves.
Be All You Can Be
I also talk to many other young people who would like to enlist, but don’t because of some of the horror stories they have heard about Basic Training. Having “been there, done that”, I can tell you Basic Training will be exactly what you want it to be.
If you go with the mindset that you’ll hate every minute of while there, then you probably will. But, if you go in with the mindset that you will learn new things, make new friends (some that will last a lifetime) and enjoy the experience, then that will happen for you. You see, everyone gets the same training, so it is your attitude that makes the difference. 
Aim High
Yes, that was a slogan of our sister service the Air Force a few years ago, but it is appropriate here. In the Army, you can be what you want to be if you meet the qualifications for the job.
Do you want to fly? The Army has that option-fly Blackhawk helicopters. If you meet the physical and mental requirements, have at least minimum required ASVAB scores for that job and you can pass a flight physical, you may qualify for flight school.  Where else can you get your dream job without any previous training or experience? With your flying skills, once you decide to get out, you can transition to the civilian world as a crop sprayer, set highline towers or fight forest fires from the air.
 If you want to be an Infantryman, it is most likely yours for the taking. As the last two wars have shown, it still takes good old-fashion infantry tactics (and a large number of new ones) to root out the enemy from their lairs in the rugged terrain of Iraq and Afghanistan. 
And when you decide it is time to get out, you have skills that transfer to the civilian world regardless of the industry. The kind of skills employers crave and salivate over, such as:

  • communication
  • management
  • organization
  • leadership
  • and team building/leading.

Or maybe you want to learn a trade while in the Army, such carpentry or truck mechanics. Or how about earning your Microsoft Certification while working with military computer systems and networks?
With today’s job market the way it is, it might be time aim high and be all you can be by enlisting and serving your country. Serve today to secure your future tomorrow.

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