In Addition to Army Benefits, What Veterans, Retirees and State Benefits Are Available?

Q: As well as Army benefits I'd like to see benefits that veterans & retirees are offered. Some states have additional benefits & I'd like to see a rundown on those.

A: The most common widely known veterans’ benefits are the GI Bills, including the Montgomery (both the MGIB-AD and MGIB-SR) and Post-9/11 GI Bills. Other popular education programs include:

There is almost something for every veteran or retiree wanting to go to school—as long as he or she is still within the delimiting date.

In addition to education programs, the Veterans Administration also offers veterans benefits such as:

  • Home loans

  • Life insurance

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Survivors' Benefits

  • Compensation and pension

State Educational Benefits

As American patriotism swelled, and our Iraq and Afghanistan heroes came home, most states jumped on the bandwagon and offered a wide variety of their own educational veterans’ benefits. Some of the more unique, but not necessarily exclusive to just one state, are:

  • Veterans Grant (for education) (Illinois)

  • State GI Bill (Minnesota)

  • High School Diplomas for Korean and WWII Veterans (Florida)

  • Non-Resident Tuition Waiver (California)

  • Full Four-Year Scholarship (Georgia)

  • Dependent Children Survivor Scholarship (Mississippi)

  • Veteran Spouse and Dependent Children Waiver (Oregon)

  • Hazelwood Act (Texas)

  • Purple Heart Tuition Waiver (Utah)

  • Veteran Re-Education Act Fund (West Virginia)

  • Veterans and Dependents GI Bill Remission Program (Wisconsin)

This is just a small sampling of the available state education benefits. Each state has numerous other veterans’ benefits available for more than just education.

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how about assoc degress???

i have an assoc in automoitves im just curious as to what benefit do i get from having that if i enlist in the army?thanks...

@ Brogitz

If it's from an accredited school an associates should let you enlist as a PFC.


my father passed away in dec.31,2009,now i just got info from his seperated (legally) wife that she got 90 thousand $ from his v.a.pension.i'm the only child he has (41) now & i was born with a disability,so i was wondering am i intitled to any of his benefits? the 10 year seperated wife gets his survivor's pension which is 1100.00 a month,i didn't get his flag,his non-blood sister kept that & too top it off she is now trying to submit an application to see if she can get money off his account,social security told me that i couldn't draw off my dad's account because i was married & not under the age of 23,now iv'e gotten really upset about this,that his only child can not get anything,but the wife of his can,note now,that she lived in a different city then my dad for over 10yrs and never came to visit him while he was sick,but all of a sudden she gets his entire benefits expect death benefits,which is what she told me i'm intitled too & his non-blood sister is trying to get this money,after all she took his bank account and did as she pleased with that,i think i need help in this matter,what or who can help me?