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Back to School Campaign Focuses on Improving Student Performance

  • With August being Performance Triad month for the Army, a new Back to School Campaign is making the trio of sleep, activity, and nutrition the pilars of success for military families.

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Scholarship Spotlight: Army Nursing Programs

  • If you have an interest in both nursing and military service, Army nurse scholarship and financial aid opportunities can give you money for college, along with a path toward a fulfilling career.

    The Army Nurse Candidate Program provides opportunities for undergrad students pursuing a Bachelor or Nursing from an accredited nursing program. Those accepted typically receive:

    • A $5000 bonus upon beginning the program, as well as a $5000 bonus upon completion and graduation.
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Free Lecture Series From the Army Education Center

  • A wonderful free resource from the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center: its monthly public lecture series, Perspectives in Military History. This series of lectures is available for video download and viewing here, and includes topics such as:

    • The CIA: Its Origin, Its Transformation, Its Militarization
    • The Tet Offensive, America, and 1968
    • A Requiem for American Counterinsurgency
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Considering Your Major: Industries that Give Props to Military Experience

  • If you're a veteran heading back to college, one decision soon to cross your path will be your major. When considering the answer, do take your military experience into account. Many industries value it, and some more than others. So, what are the industries that are likely to smile upon your military experience and training? Here are a few to consider as you look at your future career options:

    • Emergency medical services
    • Training industries
    • Engineering (software, industrial)
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