Department of Defense Gives an Outline of the Effects of Budget Cuts.

Even with the Obama administrations has decided to exempt military personnel from looming across-the-board budget cuts in January (known as sequestration), this does not mean they would escape unscathed.

In testimony to the House Armed Services Committee, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter warned of some of the potential effects that these monetary shortfalls might have. Tricare services and payments might be delayed or even denied, construction and repair of new buildings - including schools and medical centers - could be cancelled, services on Army and other military bases would have reduced operating hours, Department of Defense civilian contracts could be put on unpaid leave and a hiring freeze initiated, and training for units would be reduced, even for deploying units.

Carter made sure that the Committee grasped the full implication of sequestration, stating "The result will be reduced training and lower readiness" and “Sequester denies rational planning, it was designed to be irrational.”

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The statement...

..."The result will be reduced training and lower readiness" is an understatement. I can understand making needed cuts in Government spending to balance the budget (fat chance) but to jeopardize the security of the Nation is appalling. It's been proven that an emergency military build-up costs more than keeping the status quo. It's also disruptive & dangerous for under-trained Reservists to hold the line while the Army is being rebuilt.