Army's New Fuel Efficient Demonstrator Vehicle Shows Promise

The Army is taking fuel-efficiency very seriously, and this break with convention is probably most obvious in their two new Fuel Efficient Demonstration (FED) vehicles - the FED Alpha and FED Bravo.

Don't get too attached to the new look of these vehicles - these are concept vehicles made to showcase new ideas and technology that the Army plans to implement in their future vehicles. Much like the concept vehicles at auto shows worldwide, the production versions are often less striking and futuristic.

Even without the new look, however, the FED Bravo really lives up to its name: this vehicle gets a rating of 9.58 MPG with a mixture of urban and convoy driving. While this is low compared to a family sedan, the HMMV that is in current service gets a rating of 4.8 MPG. This represents about a 90% increase in fuel efficiency and will allow soldiers to function more on their missions and less on fuel convoy escorts.

Although the FED Bravo gets almost twice the MPG of the HMMV in service, it still has plenty oomph, courtesy of its twin-turbocharged V8 diesel engine which powers the rear wheels and an electric motor which powers the front wheels. This power plus its six-speed transmission gives the FED a top speed of 80. It is also designed with crew protection as a priority, and features both armor and a V-shaped body to help deflect IEDs or other explosives.

If you want to see its sister the FED Alpha in action, check out this Youtube video by MotomanTV.

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FED Alpha

This was a very nice video; I have learned a lot just by watching a 19 minute video. The fuel efficiency is very nice. I have sold new and pre-owned cars before so I thought I knew a little something about cars, being that I am Mazda Certified in new car sales, but I still learned more. The design is awesome.

Thanks for posting this.