Army Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership Training

If you plan on serving just one six-year enlistment or making the Army your career, as a non-commissioned officer (NCO) you will attend different leadership schools when you attain various ranks throughout your time in the Army, including:

  • Warrior Leader Course (WLC)
  • Advanced Leader Course (ALC)
  • Senior Leader Course (SLC)
  • 1SG Academy
  • U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA)
  • Command Sergeants Major Course (CSMC)

WLC - The First Army Leadership School
This one-month school trains E-4 Specialists and Corporals how to lead and includes topics such as:

  • Leadership
  • Training Management
  • Map Reading
  • Land Navigation
  • Drill and Ceremony
  • War fighting

Soldiers wanting to be E-5 Sergeants are required to take this course.
ALC – Common Core and MOS Focused
For Sergeants selected for E-6 Staff Sergeant, this two-phase course teaches the leadership and technical skills required to lead squads and platoons. Phase one trains soldiers on common core topics while Phase two focuses training in Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) training, or in other words your Army job.
SLC - Master Sergeant Training
SLC, an Army branch–specific course, teaches E-7 Sergeants First Class the leader, technical, and tactical skills required to lead platoons/sections within a specialty field, such as Infantry or Aviation.
1SG Academy  
This fast-paced course provides E-7 Sergeants First Class and E-8 Master Sergeants the training necessary to lead a company, battery or troop. The course consists of 31 testable self-study at-home lessons and a second resident phase that teaches:

  • Training management
  • Unit administration
  • Communicative skills
  • Discipline and morale
  • Logistics and maintenance
  • Ttactical operations
  • Physical fitness training.

USASMA – High Level Enlisted Training
For soldiers lucky enough to be selected for E-9 Staff Sergeant Major, they will attend this 6-month world premiere education institution for top non-commissioned officers at Fort Bliss, TX. The value of this training lies in its small group interaction as its method of instruction.

CSMC – Training for the Select Few
This is the last and highest leadership training course and it is for Staff Sergeants Major that continue on to be a Command Sergeants Major - the top enlisted soldier in a Battalion-size organization and larger. Major topics included in this fast-paced course are:

  • Being the senior enlisted advisor to the Commander
  • Working with command and staff officers
  • How to Assign and Utilize Soldiers
  • Caring for Soldiers and Families

Each leadership school builds upon the one before it so your training continues to progress. The skills learn in these school not only serve you well while in the Army, but are skills you can take with you into the civilian workplace and beyond.

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