Live-Fire Exercise on the Korean Peninsula

Last week the US and South Korean Army and Air Forces participated in a massive live-fire exercise in Pocheon, an area about 50 miles north of the South Korean capital of Seoul and about the same distance from the North Korean border.

The following video shows some of the forces involved in the exercise, and the amount of firepower on tap with these combined forces is both intense and impressive:

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What Vets Should Know About Returning to College This Fall

Transitioning away from the harsh and often traumatic experiences of active military duty during wartime to civilian and academic life can be challenging. While counselors advise veterans to take the time they need to transition, many vets will return to college this fall under assistance from the G.I. Bill. Fortunately, there are some steps that vets can take to help themselves as they make their way into university life:

  • Build relationships with students and college faculty.
  • Work on re-strengthening bonds with family members.
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Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Contract Awarded

The Oshkosh Defense Company has been announced as the winner of the contract to build the successor of the Humvee, as the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) competition that started late in 2006 has finally ended!

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ASVAB Question of the Week: August 26, 2015

Here is our ASVAB Practice Question for this week - check back tomorrow for the answer:

Did you know that you can wait for up to a year after enlisting before shipping off to Basic Training? The Delayed Entry Program (DEP) can let you finish high school or a semester of college courses before you start your Army career - you can also get a head start on Basic Training by working with your recruiter! Interested? Check out to get contacted!

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Americans Receive Highest French Honor

France is awarding its highest honor, the Legion of Honor medal, to the three Americans and one Briton that subdued a heavily-armed passenger that was on their high-speed train that was heading from Amsterdam to Paris with 500 passengers.

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Meet the First Women That Earned the Ranger Tab!

Today is the day that the first two women Rangers are graduating from the notoriously difficult Ranger School, and now we finally get to meet these two trailblazers!

Capt. Kristen Greist is a Military Police officer stationed at Fort Campbell, KY and Lt. Shaye Haver is an Apache helicopter pilot stationed at Fort Carson, CO. Both women completed 123 days of training during Ranger School, and will receive their Ranger Tabs in a ceremony alongside 94 men.

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DefSec Carter's Force of the Future Initiative

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter is looking to try and recruit and retain soldiers with specialized technical skills by the formation of a new "technical career track". These technical tracks would allow soldiers to serve a full-length military career without having to continually strive for promotions or advancement along the military's typical career path.

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ASVAB Question of the Week: August 19, 2015

Here is our ASVAB practice question for this week - the answer is in the comments below!

If you're enlisting and interested in a particular MOS - especially desirable jobs like Special Forces, MP, Ranger, Combat Medic, Counter-Intelligence, etc., you NEED to prepare for the ASVAB. You only get one shot at this test, and if you don't get the score needed for that MOS then you're SOL for your career! Check out for study materials and practice tests!

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First Female Rangers to Graduate!

Two women will graduate from one of the most difficult and grueling courses in the Army on Friday, the famed Army Ranger School.

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Pentagon Looks to Expand Drone Flights by 50%

The Pentagon is looking to expand its daily drone sortie rate, and that mean that the Army and SOCOM will have to take up some of the slack.

According to Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, the Pentagon wants to up the number of daily drone flights from its current level of about 60 per day to about 90 per day by 2019. The Pentagon's plan is to have the Army take on 10-20 of the daily drone flights, while SOCOM takes on 10. Any additional flights would be flown by outside contractors, although those flights would have to be unarmed.

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