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Air Force seeks Medal of Honor for Connecticut man who died in Afghanistan

Stars & Stripes - Sun, 08/28/2016 - 00:33
The secretary of the Air Force is pushing to award a Medal of Honor to the first Connecticut native to die in the war in Afghanistan, based on new evidence 14 years after his death.

Turkey extradites 5 Macedonians planning to join Islamic State

Stars & Stripes - Sun, 08/28/2016 - 00:03
Macedonian police say Turkey has extradited five Macedonians arrested in Istanbul in an operation to crack down on recruitment for the Islamic State group.

Rhode Island sues to get Russian sub removed from scrapyard

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 23:29
The remnants of a Russian submarine rest mere feet from shore in Rhode Island, a Cold War relic rusting away. Its fate will now likely be decided by a court.

Rhode Island lawmaker calls for state investment at military facilities

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 23:15
A Democratic Rhode Island lawmaker wants the state to put money into an empty fund created to support its military facilities and defense industry.

When deployed in isolation, Fort Bragg's rocket crews take care of themselves

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 21:25
Rocket-launching crews are some of the most sought-after soldiers because they can provide powerful, precision fires quickly in a variety of weather conditions. But their missions can place them alone, in some of the most isolated, desolate places across the battlefield.

Sen. Joni Ernst leads Iowa motorcycle ride to support veterans

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 20:26
Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst opened the “nonpartisan” leg of Saturday’s fundraising event by welcoming bikers to the kickoff location at a Des Moines-area motorcycle business and led the “staggered” pattern of motorcycles on a pleasure ride through the Iowa.

Southern Illinois highway named for fallen Green Beret

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 20:09
A roadway through a rural stretch of southern Illinois has been named for a 33-year-old Green Beret killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan in 2008.

N. Korea threatens to shoot out lights at truce village

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 19:35
North Korea threatened to fire at lighting equipment on the heavily militarized border dividing the peninsula, saying U.S. and South Korean troops were provoking the other side with floodlights.

Viral video helps reunite sailor with lost GoPro

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 16:54
Dominick Petronella, a Navy sailor based in Virginia lost his GoPro in Texas. T.K. Archibald found it while fishing and made a video to find the owner.

Key West on the short list for new Navy drone base

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 15:59
Naval Air Station Key West is one of three sites under consideration, joining Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville and Virginia’s NASA Wallops Flight Facility to build a launch and recovery base for four MQ-4C Triton drones.

Report: Turkish soldier killed, 3 wounded in northeastern Syria

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 15:13
Backed by Turkish tanks and reports of airstrikes, Turkey-allied Syrian rebels clashed with Kurdish-led forces in northeastern Syria in a new escalation that further complicates the already protracted Syrian conflict.

Navy gets $2.7B attack submarine sponsored by Michelle Obama

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 15:09
General Dynamics Electric Boat delivered the submarine that will become the USS Illinois on Saturday after more than five years of construction.

Syrian airstrike in east Aleppo hits funeral being held for at least 13 people

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 14:41
The attack on Bab al-Nayrab took place in waves, activists said. The first barrel bomb hit a funeral procession, the second landed as rescue workers arrived. Doctors said the preliminary death count was 25.

US intelligence indicates a weaker Islamic State

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 14:31
The revised assessment comes after surprisingly swift and relatively bloodless victories this summer near Syria’s border with Turkey and in the Sunni heartland of Iraq, two areas where Islamic State had appeared entrenched.

Headstone of Civil War soldier to be fixed after 154 years

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 13:03
Some mistakes are never too late to fix. A Civil War soldier misidentified when he was buried at an Ohio cemetery more than 150 years ago is to get a new headstone.

Battle for Mosul appears to be entering final stage

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 12:55
A sniper lurks among desolated buildings of an abandoned village just over the hillside where Kurdish soldiers are dug in behind a berm, but Serbest Tivanisi, the Kurdish sector commander, doesn’t flinch as he peers over the sandbags.

Little precedent for $400 million cash payment to Iran

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 12:20
A $400 million cash delivery to Iran to repay a decades-old arbitration claim may be unprecedented in recent U.S. history, according to legal experts and diplomatic historians, raising further questions about a payment timed to help free four American prisoners in Iran.

8 troops killed in suspected rebel attack in north Paraguay

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 12:18
Eight soldiers were killed in an attack in Paraguay's north by suspected members of a little-known rebels group, authorities said Saturday, just days after Colombian officials and guerrillas reached a peace deal to end the longest running insurgency in Latin America.

Veterans help fill gaps in refugee school projects in Iraq

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 12:09
A nonprofit group with New Hampshire roots is putting a new spin on back-to-school shopping by helping equip 10 classrooms for refugee children in Iraq.

Clinton receives first intelligence briefing as nominee

Stars & Stripes - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 12:04
Hillary Clinton received her first national security briefing Saturday as the Democratic presidential nominee, meeting with intelligence officials for an overview of the major threats facing the nation around the globe.
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