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Harsh response to Shulkin's decision that VA won’t study medical marijuana for PTSD

Stars & Stripes - 6 hours 43 min ago
Despite pleas from congressmen, veterans and the country’s largest veterans service organization asking for research into medical marijuana, the Department of Veterans Affairs won’t initiate a study into the drug’s effects on post-traumatic stress disorder, VA Secretary David Shulkin wrote in a letter to House Democrats.

Couple planning another honor flight to DC just for women

Stars & Stripes - 7 hours 20 min ago
A Nebraska couple who have planned several honor flights to Washington for war veterans have planned a new trip just for women.

Snow and ice coat South, closing freeways, runways, schools

Stars & Stripes - 7 hours 24 min ago
Ice and snow turned travel treacherous across the South, shutting down interstates in Louisiana, causing highway crashes in Kentucky and closing airport runways in Texas as snow turned the red clay white and prompted schools to close across the region.

Dunford: Changes needed to make troop rotations in Europe more effective

Stars & Stripes - 7 hours 29 min ago
The general said he favors a U.S. military posture that utilizes rotational forces, even as the Pentagon studies alternative basing strategies to assure allies along Russia’s western border.

Does the hypersonic SR-72 aircraft — 'Son of Blackbird' — already exist?

Stars & Stripes - 7 hours 46 min ago
For years, Lockheed Martin has been developing a successor to one of the fastest aircraft the world has ever seen, the SR-71 Blackbird, the Cold War reconnaissance craft that the U.S. Air Force retired almost three decades ago. Lockheed officials have said the hypersonic SR-72 — dubbed the "Son of Blackbird" by one trade journal — could fly by 2030.

Trump's public lands rollback is on shaky ethical ground

Stars & Stripes - 8 hours 15 min ago
The effect of the Trump revolution is to redefine the “public” in public lands, or at least the public that matters. Those with a financial stake in mining, grazing and logging now enjoy preferred status.

The right medicine for Zuckerberg to cure Facebook

Stars & Stripes - 8 hours 16 min ago
I can understand that it was initially difficult for Facebook to believe that its product was at fault, but there is no longer any excuse for inaction.

Trump talks North Korea, trade with Chinese President Xi

Stars & Stripes - 8 hours 16 min ago
The White House says President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping are hopeful that talks between North Korea and South Korea "might prompt a change in North Korea's destructive behavior."

Freedom Caucus in spotlight as shutdown looms

Stars & Stripes - 8 hours 51 min ago
The House Freedom Caucus styles itself as the principled champion of limited government and the rule of law. More often, its members are partisan gunslingers, attack dogs during President Barack Obama’s administration and lap dogs for President Donald Trump.

Conveying Trump’s words is no easy task

Stars & Stripes - 8 hours 53 min ago
What mattered much more was what Trump’s words really meant, and what the responsibilities of journalists were in conveying that meaning in some sensible way.

Bahrain radar shows Qatar jets near UAE planes

Stars & Stripes - 8 hours 58 min ago
Bahrain released radar tracks on Tuesday it said showed Qatari fighter jets passing by Emirati commercial airliners bound for the island nation, encounters which set off a new dispute pitting Qatar against the Gulf nations that have been boycotting it since last summer.

Japan public TV sends mistaken North Korean missile alert

Stars & Stripes - 9 hours 26 min ago
Japan's public broadcaster mistakenly sent an alert Tuesday warning citizens of a North Korean missile launch and urging them to seek immediate shelter, then minutes later corrected it, days after a similar error in Hawaii.

Afghan province awards Trump bravery medal after tough talk on Pakistan

Stars & Stripes - 10 hours 5 min ago
Hundreds of Afghans in Logar province pitched in to recognize President Donald Trump with a gold medal for bravery after his administration suspended aid to Pakistan.

Germany: Number of asylum-seekers drop but still 'too high'

Stars & Stripes - 11 hours 10 min ago
The number of asylum-seekers arriving in Germany dropped significantly to some 186,000 last year, but the country's interior minister said Tuesday he still considers that figure "much too high."

Sheep set off security sensors at US military site in Romania, leading to legal wrangling

Stars & Stripes - 11 hours 30 min ago
The Romanian defense ministry and a local shepherd are locked in a battle over a sheep shelter near Deveselu.

Danish man charged with killing reporter on his submarine

Stars & Stripes - 11 hours 46 min ago
Inventor Peter Madsen was charged Tuesday with killing Swedish journalist Kim Wall during a trip on his private submarine, with prosecutors saying he either cut her throat or strangled her before dismembering her body and dumping it into the sea.

New US Embassy opens in London

Stars & Stripes - 12 hours 28 min ago
The new U.S. Embassy in London, criticized last week by President Donald Trump as too expensive and poorly located, opened its doors to the public Tuesday for the first time.

Leading Kosovo Serb politician shot and killed

Stars & Stripes - 14 hours 15 min ago
A leading Serb politician in northern Kosovo was shot and killed Tuesday morning, raising ethnic tensions in the region and halting EU-mediated talks between Kosovo and Serbia on the day they were due to resume.

US bomber deployment underscores fragility of Korean Olympic détente

Stars & Stripes - 18 hours 36 min ago
The deployments send a clear signal that Washington isn’t letting down its guard despite an agreement to postpone joint U.S.-South Korean war games on the divided peninsula until after the Winter Games.

US allies from Korean War meet on North Korean nuke threat

Stars & Stripes - 18 hours 39 min ago
The 20-nation gathering on Canada's western coast comes days after a mistaken missile alert caused panic on Hawaii, a stark reminder of the fears of conflict with the North after a year of escalating tension.
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