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Updated: 49 min 34 sec ago

Germany halts further arms exports to parties in Yemen war

1 hour 34 sec ago
Germany says it won't approve arms exports to countries involved in the conflict in Yemen, a move that could affect sales of military hardware to Saudi Arabia.

Uproar over watches threatens Thailand's ruling generals

1 hour 2 min ago
Entering their fifth year in power, Thailand's ruling generals may be running out of time and it's not for a lack of watches. A growing uproar over the deputy prime minister's mind-boggling array of luxury timepieces is damaging the military government's image.

John Stryker Meyer's secret war in Vietnam

1 hour 3 min ago
As the ancient Sikorsky H-34 helicopter carrying an elite six-man reconnaissance team was spiraling down toward a landing zone in Laos, right before the pilot was about to power-up and flare for a landing, the South Vietnamese team leader spotted a thin wire stretched across the ground. He warned the helo's door gunner who quickly told the pilot to abort the landing.

More Rohingya flee to Bangladesh despite repatriation deal

1 hour 6 min ago
Rohingya refugees are continuing to flee from Myanmar into Bangladesh, even after the two countries said they will begin repatriating members of the minority ethnic group next week, a Bangladesh official said Friday.

Mexican marines, police blamed for 2014 killings

1 hour 9 min ago
A border mayor's paramilitary security team and Mexican marines were behind the disappearance and murder of four people, including three American siblings, the government's National Human Rights Commission said Thursday.

In Hawaii alert's aftermath, some seek comfort in guns, MREs and supplies

1 hour 11 min ago
In the aftermath of Saturday’s botched warning of an imminent missile attack that triggered panic across the state, people who lived through it continue to cope in myriad ways.

Life, legacy of Tennessee WWI hero Alvin York traced in new exhibit at history museum

1 hour 16 min ago
Tennessean Alvin York didn’t want to fight, but his World War I bravery earned him the Medal of Honor and an enduring reputation as a hero. Now East Tennesseans can trace the story of York’s life and legend in an exhibit that opens Saturday at the Museum of East Tennessee History.

Former student allegedly set fires on campus in retaliation for US military activity

1 hour 22 min ago
A 19-year-old former student at St. Catherine University allegedly set several fires across campus Wednesday in retaliation for U.S. military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to charges filed Friday.

Parents of slain Marine Ethan Barclay-Weberpal tell about the boy they raised

1 hour 29 min ago
Ethan Barclay-Weberpal was home in Janesville over Christmas, on leave from the Marines. He saw a homeless man on a bitter cold night, stopped, took him to McDonald’s, talked and gave him money.

TV crew tried to sneak a fake bomb through Newark airport security, ended up under arrest

1 hour 36 min ago
A film crew tried to pass a phony explosive device through a security checkpoint Thursday at Newark Liberty International Airport — and capture the moment on camera, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

Prosecutors say they will seek to retry New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez

1 hour 42 min ago
Federal prosecutors told a federal judge in New Jersey on Friday that they will seek a retrial of Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., whose 11-week corruption trial ended in a hung jury in November.

Las Vegas gunman carefully planned attack; motive is mystery

2 hours 6 min ago
The Las Vegas gunman meticulously planned how to carry out the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history, researching SWAT tactics, renting other hotel rooms overlooking outdoor concerts and investigating potential targets in at least four cities, authorities said Friday.

Supreme Court to rule on Trump travel ban

2 hours 12 min ago
The Supreme Court agreed Friday to decide the legality of the latest version of President Donald Trump's ban on travel to the United States by residents of six majority-Muslim countries.

Pakistan's ace in poker match with US: Afghan air routes

2 hours 27 min ago
Over 16 years that included hundreds of deadly U.S. drone strikes, Osama bin Laden's killing on Pakistani soil and accusations Pakistan helps insurgents that kill Americans, the reluctant allies never reached one point of no return: Pakistan closing the air routes to Afghanistan. It's an action that could all but cripple the U.S.-backed military fight against the Taliban.

Shutdown deadline nears; no accord in Trump-Schumer meeting

2 hours 34 min ago
President Donald Trump and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer met Friday afternoon in an eleventh-hour effort to avert a government shutdown, with a bitterly divided Washington locked in partisan stare-down over politically fraught legislation to protect about 700,000 younger immigrants from being deported.

Good dog, bad dog ... Delta wants to know before you board

3 hours 42 sec ago
Delta Air Lines will soon require owners of service and support animals to provide more information before their animal can fly in the passenger cabin, including an assurance that it's trained to behave itself.

Olympian wishes for ex-doctor to have 'a life of suffering'

3 hours 5 min ago
Roughly 80 of the women and girls whom Larry Nassar abused under the guise of medical treatment have stood before the court during a marathon sentencing hearing that began Tuesday, describing with eloquence and sometimes tears the harm Nassar did and the impact he has had on their lives.

Turkey faces balancing act amid border offensive in Syria

3 hours 30 min ago
As Turkey threatens a bloody confrontation with U.S.-backed Kurdish militia in Afrin — the main Syrian Kurdish enclave in northwestern Syria — it faces the challenge of maintaining its old alliance with Washington and reinforcing a new rapprochement with Moscow.

Bannon’s executive privilege claims are reasonable

3 hours 33 min ago
The only way to resolve the question is to delve into an issue that courts have tried to avoid, namely the underlying logic of having executive privilege at all.

Pentagon’s new defense strategy focuses on China, Russia over terrorism

3 hours 40 min ago
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis elevated protecting against a war with China and Russia as the United States’ primary security concern, stating “great power competition” has surpassed terrorism as the Pentagon’s chief focus for the first time in two decades.