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Updated: 1 hour 27 min ago

Michael Moore: 'Haters' have it all wrong

1 hour 45 min ago
Filmmaker Michael Moore is firing back at haters who jumped on him for remarks he made about the movie "American Sniper" — and snipers in general, which caused "the ruckus," as he calls it, of the past week.

Amid Libya turmoil, a renewed call to return early US sailors' remains home

2 hours 30 min ago
Every time the remains of Navy Master Commandant Richard Somers and the crew of the USS Intrepid get the attention of leaders in Washington, world events intervene. They were the first identified Americans killed in combat to be buried abroad.

VA: Major restructuring will streamline services, set standard regional boundaries

2 hours 44 min ago
The Department of Veterans Affairs announced a major restructuring effort Monday to streamline its often disjointed bureaucracy by standardizing service regions in the country and increasing coordination between them.

Veterans train wreck jury trial gets under way in Texas

3 hours 2 min ago
Union Pacific and veterans involved in the deadly parade train crash on Nov. 15, 2012, will take their legal matter in front of a jury starting on Monday.

NY man is lone combat vet returning to scene of WWII battle

3 hours 7 min ago
A World War II combat veteran from upstate New York is returning to the scene of a bloody Pacific island battle as an army of one.

Female guards file discrimination complaints against Guantanamo judges

3 hours 27 min ago
Some women troops at the prison’s secret lockup for former CIA captives have filed gender discrimination complaints against two military judges who are forbidding female guards from handling prisoners to and from legal meetings.

Man takes responsibility for drone over White House

3 hours 33 min ago
A small drone flying low to the ground crashed onto the White House grounds before dawn Monday, triggering a major emergency response and raising fresh questions about security at the presidential mansion. A man later came forward to say he was responsible and didn't mean to fly it over the complex.

Canadian soldiers involved in 2 more firefights in Iraq

3 hours 38 min ago
Canadian special forces in northern Iraq have engaged in two more firefights against Islamic State group militants, but Canada's government denies they're involved in combat.

Army begins virtual training on missile defense system at Fort Sill

4 hours 42 min ago
The Army on Friday cut the ribbon on the service’s new virtual training facility, moving from training whole batteries on its newest missile defense system to individual training in a classroom.

Off-base events

4 hours 43 min ago
A calendar of nearby events of interest to people living on U.S. facilities in the Pacific.

'Birdman' tops SAG Awards, but Redmayne beats out Keaton for acting honors

4 hours 47 min ago
“Birdman” topped the 21st annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, winning best ensemble cast, even though star Michael Keaton was upset by Eddie Redmayne in the most outstanding actor category.

On-base activities

4 hours 50 min ago
A calendar of events on U.S. facilities in the Pacific.

Spain: 10 dead, 13 hurt in crash of Greek F-16 jet during NATO training

4 hours 51 min ago
A Greek F-16 fighter jet crashed into other planes on the ground during NATO training in southeastern Spain Monday, killing at least 10 people, Spain's Defense Ministry said. No U.S. personnel were killed, according to a U.S. Defense Department spokeswoman citing initial reporting.

Winter Illuminations

4 hours 56 min ago

NATO chief calls Putin’s claim of ‘NATO legion’ in Ukraine 'nonsense'

5 hours 44 min ago
NATO on Monday rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s assertion that a “foreign legion” of alliance troops is fighting inside Ukraine, countering that the only foreign forces in the country belong to Russia.

Service academies no longer needed

6 hours 45 min ago
The service academies are institutions with deep roots, but bravery and resourcefulness are eminently more American than any particular school.

Why consort with dictators to fight terrorism?

7 hours 27 min ago
President Barack Obama promised a historic shift in policy, away from the short-term comfort of alliances with dictators and toward promoting “self-determination and opportunity.” So what happened?

A conspicuous failure of US foreign policy in Syria

7 hours 29 min ago
The Assad regime that President Barack Obama declared dead remains in power, and roughly half its territory is held by jihadis. The moderates the U.S. said it would support are mostly scattered and defeated. You wouldn’t have learned that from Obama’s State of the Union speech last week, though.

Colorado Springs group wants citizens to wear green in support of Fort Carson

9 hours 4 min ago
The Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance hopes to make Feb. 3 look like St. Patrick's Day in Colorado Springs, Colo., as part of an effort to stave off military cuts.