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Kurdish forces retake parts of Iraq's largest dam from militants

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 10:14
Kurdish forces took over parts of Iraq's largest dam on Sunday less than two weeks after it was captured by the Islamic State extremist group, Kurdish security officials said, as U.S.
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Union Co. to approve recognition of 2 WWI soldiers

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 08:19
Union County commissioners are expected to approve adding the names of two forgotten World War I soldiers to a county marker in Monroe.
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VA backlog grew despite online application program

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 07:48
The number of backlogged veterans' health care applications grew despite an online program the Veterans Administration introduced in 2010 and touted as a quick, easy way for veterans to apply for benefits, according to a newspaper report.
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New U.S. strikes in Iraq include land-based bombers

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 16:33
The U.S. is expanding its air campaign in Iraq with attacks aimed at helping Iraqi forces regain control of the strategic Mosul dam.
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Former enemy Vietnam seeks U.S. help to counter China

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 15:13
Army Gen. Martin Dempsey has served 40 years in the Army, fought in Iraq, traveled the world many times over.
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Military still recovering from Superstorm Sandy in New Jersey

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 15:04
Two years after Hurricane Sandy pounded the New Jersey coast, the USCGC Sailfish has yet to return home.
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CENTCOM releases video of U.S. airstrikes near Iraq's Mosul Dam

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 13:26
U.S. Central Command released video on Sunday of American military airstrikes against extremist targets near Mosul Dam in Iraq.
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Veterans look to farming to grow and heal

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 11:27
Mike Simester had always dreamed of a being a career soldier.
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Operation Shower: Filling a need for moms-to-be

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 11:09
LeAnn Morrissey never set out to found Operation Shower. She'd mailed care packages to her soldier uncle during his deployments to Iraq but was never quite sure if she was sending the right things. She also felt she could do more to support the military.
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More time given for Bergdahl disappearance probe

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 10:37
A general investigating the disappearance of an Army sergeant in Afghanistan is getting several more weeks to complete his probe.
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Agency details proposed missile defense site in Maine

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 10:18
Building a missile defense site in western Maine aimed at protecting the East Coast would mean upgrading some roads, building housing and a backup power plant, and scattering missile silos to accommodate hilly terrain, a defense official said.
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Military jet, destroyer to be named after late Sen. Daniel Inouye

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 10:10
A military cargo jet will be named after the late U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye.
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Senate to review surplus military gear grants to local police

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 09:29
The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee says Congress will review Defense Department transfers of unused military equipment to local police to ensure the weaponry is being used 'as intended,' in light of the recent problems in Missouri.
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Army moves ahead with Apache plan, inactivates Kiowa unit

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 08:41
The 4th Attack Reconnaissance Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment was inactivated Thursday, making it the first Kiowa unit to be shut down as part of the Army's aviation restructuring initiative.
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Man pleads not guilty to military argument slaying

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 08:25
A Montana man has pleaded not guilty to charges that he slashed the throat of another man with whom he was arguing over which branch of the military is better.
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Syrian rebels call for U.S. airstrikes as jihadists close in on Aleppo

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 08:16
Syria's Western-backed opposition called on Saturday for U.S. airstrikes against the Islamic State extremist group as the jihadists captured three northern villages, putting them within striking distance of a mainstream rebel stronghold.
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'Massacre' in Iraq as airstrikes hit near key dam

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 16:13
Islamic extremists in Iraq killed 80 Yazidi men and abducted their wives and children, officials and eyewitnesses said Saturday, insisting the religious community is still at risk after a week of U.S. and Iraqi airstrikes on the militants.
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Fort Carson honors 2 killed by Afghanistan bomb

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 15:21
Fort Carson is honoring two soldiers killed last month by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.
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Congressman wants to curb military surplus program

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 13:12
Images of police outfitted in paramilitary gear clashing with protesters in suburban St. Louis after the weekend shooting death of unarmed black teenager are giving new impetus to efforts to rein in a Pentagon program that provides free machine guns and other surplus military equipment to local law enforcement agencies.
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Ukraine says it 'destroyed' part of Russian armed convoy

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 13:10
Ukraine said Friday that its artillery destroyed part of a convoy of Russian military vehicles that crossed into Ukraine at around the same time as a Russian relief aid convoy was reaching the border area.
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