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ED cases among troops double since 2004

1 hour 6 min ago
Erectile dysfunction diagnoses have skyrocketed in the U.S. military in the past decade, with the rate among troops more than doubling from 2004 to 2013.
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Senator: POV moving company's problems linger

1 hour 30 min ago
The chairwoman of the Senate Budget Committee wants military officials to consider dumping a defense contractor responsible for moving troops' personal vehicles to and from overseas bases when they move on reassignment orders, citing significant delays an
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Obama goal of Gitmo closure stalled at Pentagon

1 hour 30 min ago
The transfer of prisoners out of Guantanamo Bay has ground to a halt amid a slow Pentagon approval process, causing deep frustration within the administration and raising doubts that President Obama will be able to fulfill his campaign promise to close th
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Interview: Leno on USO, entertaining troops and his 'tank car'

1 hour 39 min ago
It would be tough to script a better opening line for a story from Jay Leno:
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Vice chief to airmen: How do we cut costs?

1 hour 49 min ago
Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Larry Spencer has collected thousands of suggestions from airmen about how to cut costs Air Force-wide and at the unit level - some were so good that the Air Force has already adopted them.
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Top DoD official: U.S. will 'respond' if Japan-China dispute escalates

2 hours 54 min ago
The U.S. will respond with military force if allies in the Pacific region are threatened, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work said on Tuesday in response to questions about Japan's dispute with China over the Senkaku Islands.
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U.S.-led airstrikes hit Islamic State near Turkey

4 hours 17 min ago
U.S.-led coalition airstrikes targeted fighters, vehicles and artillery pieces of the Islamic State group on both sides of the Syria-Iraq border Tuesday, including around a beleaguered Kurdish town near the Syrian-Turkish that is under assault by the militants, activists said.
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F-15C pilot who crashed in Virginia to be buried at Air Force Academy

4 hours 18 min ago
A Massachusetts Air National Guard pilot who was killed in the crash of an F-15C fighter jet will be buried at the Air Force Academy in Colorado.
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Air Force takes the lead on airstrikes against Islamic State

4 hours 41 min ago
The Air Force has flown a large majority of all airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, with the mission expected to change as Islamic State fighters adjust to the aerial bombardment.
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A-10 lands on its belly at Davis-Monthan AFB

5 hours 54 min ago
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson says one of its A-10 attack jets had to make a hard landing on its belly but that the pilot is OK.
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Afghanistan, U.S. sign long-awaited security pact

6 hours 1 min ago
The United States and Afghanistan on Tuesday signed a long-delayed security agreement that will allow about 9,800 American troops to remain in the country past this year.
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Confederate's grave has wrong name; VA won't fix

6 hours 21 min ago
The gravestone of a Confederate soldier who died at Elmira's Civil War prison camp has the wrong name on it, according to his great-great-grandson.
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Air Force appeals court tosses MTI rape conviction

7 hours 22 min ago
An appeals court on Sept. 16 overturned the 2013 rape conviction of a former military training instructor at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, ruling there was not enough evidence to find him guilty in the first place.
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Records, photos of famed U.S. WWII bombers go online

8 hours 33 min ago
Thousands of feet above the Pacific Ocean, the bullets were coming fast and the flak was flying.
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Texan who faked military past guilty in guns case

9 hours 49 min ago
A Texas convicted felon who faked being an Army Ranger to get close to a decorated retired Navy Seal faces up to 10 years in prison for having two guns.
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Ex-FBI agent pleads guilty in Afghan scheme

10 hours 6 min ago
A former FBI agent pleaded guilty Monday to charges that he derailed an investigation into military contract fraud by making a suspect appear to be a key counterintelligence source.
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Barksdale military dog died of heat stroke last month

10 hours 18 min ago
A military working dog who died at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana last month succumbed to heat stroke after his handler accidentally left him in the backseat of a patrol vehicle, officials said.
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U.S. to keep 10,000 troops in Afghanistan

10 hours 28 min ago
The United States and Afghanistan will sign a long-delayed security agreement Tuesday that will allow about 9,800 American troops to remain in the country past this year, a U.S. official said.
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Report: White House intruder made it far past front door

Mon, 09/29/2014 - 19:47
A man who scaled a White House fence this month and breached the mansion's front door apparently rushed past a Secret Service agent inside and was stopped only after reaching the building's East Room, a government official confirmed Monday.
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