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Best College Courses to Take Online

Considering dividing up your courseload between traditional campus classes and an online course or two? Great idea, both for your schedule and perhaps for your pocketbook. Not only can online courses help you manage a busy schedule by giving you added flexibility, but many online courses are less expensive per college credit, making them an economical choice as well.

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ASVAB Question of the Week: October 7, 2015

Here is our ASVAB practice question for this week! The answer is in the comments below!

If you're getting ready to enlist, and need more ASVAB help, has you covered! We've got practice tests, study book reviews, and the entire archive of these questions (with answers)! Head over to to get your ASVAB study on!

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Forbes Announces List of Top Colleges

Several military schools rank among America's Top Colleges, according to Forbes. The top 20 schools on the list are:

#1 Pomona College

#2 Williams College

#3 Stanford University

#4 Princeton University

#5 Yale University

#6 Harvard University

#7 Swarthmore College

#8 Brown University

#9 Amherst College

#10 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

#11 United States Military Academy

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New BCT Testing for Individual Skills Starts Oct. 1!

Army recruits that attend Basic Combat Training will have some new requirements starting on Oct. 1 that the Army hopes will assist in the transition away from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to preparing for future conflicts. The new requirements include a battery of potential tests at the end of each phase of BCT, along with a timed march and peer evaluations.

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ASVAB Question of the Week: September 30, 2015

Here is our ASVAB practice question for this week - click on the Comments for the answer:

Thinking about enlisting but not sure if you can? We've got all sorts of eligibility information ( and we've got forums where you can ask any questions you might have (!

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Congressman Calls for Women Ranger Records; West Point Grads Respond in Kind

Rep. Steve Russell (R-OK), a Ranger School graduate who served in the Army for 21 years, recently requested documents about the two women graduates of Ranger School, and now some West Point graduates are turning the tables.

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ASVAB Question of the Week: September 23, 2015

Here is our ASVAB practice question for this week - the answer is posted in the comments below!

If you're considering the Army but don't want to be in the infantry, you should know that the Army has a LOT more to offer. The Army has careers in technology, medicine, electronics, finance, logistics, engineering, and more. Check out your options at and find a great career with awesome benefits!

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